Celebrating Ravika’s First Birthday Under Quarantine

Finding a way to celebrate this big milestone in our daughter’s life with the weight of doing it safely because of the pandemic was incredibly important to us. With a little simplistic creativity, we managed to create a memorable day to celebrate a year of being parents to our little angel while capturing moments that she will be able to happily look back on in the future.

One thing about this pandemic, especially for us as new parents, had been the complete deviation from our original plans. As elaborate and expansive as we originally wanted Ravika’s first birthday to be, we had to really adjust our expectations to put our safety first. My biggest goal for the day was to make sure that I captured incredible pictures and videos for her to look at when she gets older. With this in mind, a cute photoshoot was our top priority for the day.



When lockdown restrictions eased up in South Africa, we planned to have a big picnic with close family and friends that adhered to the social distancing measures put in place. However, we ditched this idea when the second wave hit and opted for the much safer ‘Zoom’ party – in our case, WhatsApp video conferencing with the grandparents. We then also chose to stick to the more traditional ‘cake smash’ photoshoot as the highlight for the day and finishing that off with a visit to the Pretoria Botanical Gardens in the afternoon.



Searching on Takealot, I found this beautiful celebration kit that came with everything from balloons, wall décor and even the cutest baby crown. We didn’t necessarily have a theme besides ‘pink’ so finding something simple that worked was crucial and so with one purchase, we secured the perfect backdrop for the photoshoot. We bought this cute tutu dress from Woolworths and I decided to bake my own smash cake because the thought of overloading her with sugar was giving me palpitations. I used this simple recipe that uses applesauce, bananas and strawberries as the sweetener.



During her cake smash, I recorded her video while we called her grandparents and we all sang to her. For as simple as the day was, we had a great day reflecting on our amazing year with our daughter and got some incredible pictures. While this was not what we had originally planned or what we had anticipated, it was definitely a very special birthday and one we we’ll never forget!



I did vlog the experience as much as I could while running around and you can check that video out on our channel over here.


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